12-Aug-2018Winter Haven, FL +15 milesBirds for Sale
Hi Hi Hi!!!! My name is Benny and I'm the light blue Budgie with distinguished white head. The other budgie, the turquoise 1 with the yellow head is my bff, Titan. He's kinda shy so I get to do all the talking! We actually met at Foster Mom's house...
4-Jun-2018Valrico, FL +21 milesBirds for Sale
Hi, my name is Gem because I am a very pretty blue color, and my friend's name is Doc. (He is also a very pretty blue color although he is more like turquoise) I also have a tan cere (the area where my nostrils are) and his cere is bright blue. We bo...
4-Jun-2018Valrico, FL +21 milesBirds for Sale
Hi! My name is Sunshine but my friends call me Sunny, so please, call me Sunny! I am the pretty yellow and green budgie. My friend's name is Blinky and he is a beautiful blue color. We both have been to the veterinarian and she said we were in nice health! Th...
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